Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a funeral service important?
The funeral provides dignity and respect for the life that has been lived. The funeral also allows the survivors to express their grief in meaningful ways. The service helps the survivors face the reality of death and the first step in overcoming grief. The funeral service also provides friends and family the opportunity to express the love and respect they feel for someone who was important to them.

What is the purpose of the cemetery?
A cemetery is a location of memorialization. Survivors perceive the cemetery as a place to visit their loved one. A cemetery is a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace.

What are the advantages of making a prearranged funeral?
Planning ahead can help you and your family make informed and thoughtful decisions about funeral arrangements. Prearranged funeral planning relieves your family of having to make decisions about your funeral at the difficult time. You choose the specific items you want and need. Prearranged funeral can be as complete as having all your pallbearers, music, clothing and cemetery space selected or as simple as getting your thoughts and wishes recorded. A prearranged funeral can also be 100% pre-funded or some may choose to allocate an insurance policy for their funeral expenses. Prearrangement information can be completed from our website at "On-Line Arrangements".

How are funeral arrangements made?
Brian LeRette, will hold a funeral arrangement conference with the family or next of kin of the deceased. During this conference you will be asked biographical information about the deceased. You will select the time and location of the visitation, service and burial. You will also decide the service details: pallbearers, type of casket or urn, music, funeral expenses, etc. Brian will help guide you though this process and answer any of your questions.

What should I bring to an arrangement conference?
You should bring clothing, a photo to be used for the newspaper and the memorial folder, jewelry, any appropriate insurance policies, any written wishes or documentation regarding the funeral service that your loved had requested.

What to do if a death occurs while away from home?
If a death should occur while you are away from home contact Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel at 1-800-653-4881. We can make arrangements from wherever you are. If you travel often or spend long periods to time away from home you may choose to carry a medical alert card with you.

What is a visitation?
The visitation is a time when family and friends gather to share memories and offer support. Visitations are often attended by more people than the funeral, because the visitation is held during non-working hours and is during a flexible time frame. Traditionally, the setting is informal and friends attend at their convenience.

Should a child attend a funeral?
Children have an awareness of death at a very early age. Children should be given the option to attend a visitation or funeral service, but should not attend against their will nor should they be left at home to avoid the death. You may choose to include your child in the funeral arrangement conference, allowing the child to be a part of the planning can help aid in the grieving process. Children often have many simple, straight forward questions about death; those questions should be answered in the same way.

How can a funeral be personalized?
It is becoming more common to tailor the funeral service to the personality of the deceased. Prayers and remembrances offered by family and friends, favorite music, treasured belongings, pictures, and mementos can all play a fitting tribute to the life lived. Family collages, items from a hobby, and awards earned throughout a lifetime can all help to emphasize the memories of a person's life.

What part do flowers play for a funeral?
Sending a floral tribute provides comfort and expresses sympathy to the family of the deceased. Floral tributes are most often sent to the funeral home and used to add beauty to the visitation and funeral service. The staff at the funeral home will take care of receiving and arranging the flowers and according to the families wishes, after the service, the staff will deliver the flowers to designated locations.

Who can be a pallbearer and what is the difference between a pallbearer and honorary pallbearer?
Friends, relatives, church members, neighbors, business associate or family can be a pallbearer. Pallbearers are typically people who have had an impact on the deceased or a member of their family. Men and women, children and adults can all be pallbearers. The pallbearers actively carry the casket typically from the site of the funeral to the hearse and from the hearse to the final resting place at the cemetery.

Honorary pallbearers are often selected when a cremation has taken place and there is no casket to carry. Or an honorary pallbearer may be a young child or senior adult who will not actively carry the casket.  

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